We the GuardiansMaking safer sports for all

Welcome to the “We, the Guardians” web platform! We are here to combat violence and ensure a safe environment for everyone who wants to participate in sports!


It is important that we learn how to combat violence with innovative knowledge, methods and skills. This Manual contains all of them.


Join us in a fight against violence! Become a Guardian and protect your teammates in sports by becoming a part of our network!


Learn more about us and our mission. Meet the project consortium, take a look at our materials. We are here for you!

The manualLearn how to address violence in sport

Violence represents a broad and widespread specter of behavior aimed to degrade, exploit or hurt other person. Violence takes several forms – with physical and psychological being the most common. With the right tools that we bring to you, you will be able to recognize and fight violence in sport.

Why you should become a Guardian

Opportunities for personal development

You will learn how to become a leader in your community, transfer knowledge and be assertive when working on.

Impact beyond the team

Even when not in the sports events, you will help your community by using your know how in fighting violence in sports.

Creation of safe space for people engaging in sports

You will create a safe space for your teammates and yourself, helping the overall performance and happiness of the club.

Become a member

If you are ready to step up against violence in sport, you are welecome to our team! See you soon.

News from the GuardiansGet the latest information about the project and its activities

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